So You Want To Know How To Attract Women?

There is no point pretending here. Every healthy man wants to know how to attract women. If women find you attractive, it makes you appreciated and it does wonders for your self-esteem. On the other hand, if women do not find you attractive, it means you will find it hard to get a girl friend. It also implies you will have a hard time finding your better half. Clearly, no man wants to be in this situation and this is why every male ought to know what makes a man attractive to women.


Understanding what attracts women

First, it is not correct to state that there is a particular quality that attracts all women. This is a rather simplistic assertion because it puts all women in one emotional compartment. The truth is that women are different so it figures that different women are attracted to different qualities in men. Having said that, it is necessary to point out that there are some positive qualities that make men more attractive to women. Some of these qualities include the ones below.


Generally, women love men who are confident and self-assured without being overbearing. Confidence is a useful quality because it implies that the man can be trusted to take charge of things. It also implies that the man can protect the woman. This is vital because most women want a man who can take care of himself and protect his ladylove.

Good manners

Many enlightened women have the view that good manners make men attractive and they are correct. If a man comports himself with dignity and composure, it improves his rating and opens the doors to the hearts of many women. Very few women will be attracted to men who come across as brash, ill mannered and crude.


An intelligent man is an attractive man any day. A man who comes across as intelligent, experienced and articulate will definitely attract more women than one who comes across as dull and timid.

Sense of humor

A sense of humor definitely makes you more attractive to women. Learn to look at the lighter side of things. Laugh at yourself sometimes and laugh with people around you. Most women agree that a man with a sense of humor is more attractive than one without this vital quality.

Elegance and neatness

A man who is well-groomed and elegant is a huge favorite any day. It is hard to imagine that any woman will give the time of day to men who are untidy and poorly dressed.

Good looks

Note that this quality is not anywhere near the top of this list. This is an indication that good looks in a man are sometimes overrated. Even if you are not the most handsome man in the world, there are other qualities that will make you attractive to women. The good news is that some women are attracted to good-looking men but others are not. Now, we have discussed some of the qualities that make men attractive to women. Let us look at the process of meeting women and talking to them.

Making initial contact

You can meet the woman of your dreams practically anywhere. The thing is that the lady does not know and may not even be interested in you. You want to get close to her and you want to do this the right way so the first step is to say “hi” with a polite smile. Try to strike a conversation but do this in a polite manner. Do not move too fast too soon because this may not work. Remember that you do not have an appointment with the lady and she probably has other things on her mind at the time. Act natural, show her you are interested but do not try to force yourself down her throat.

How to read her body language

Even in this modern era, women are still more reserved than men. If a woman finds you attractive, she may not say this in so many words but she can give some signals. You are a man so it is your duty to read her body language and interpret them the right way. If a woman makes eye contact repeatedly and looks away, she is interested and she is trying to get your attention. A polite smile and a nod in your direction is also a sign of interest.

Overcoming initial resistance

Wooing a woman is a game and you have to play by the rules. One cardinal rule is that most women do not want to come across as “cheap”. A woman may find you attractive but she still wants you to “work” before she gives in. There is nothing wrong with this because it is all part of the game. You probably have a scenario where the woman appeared to be saying “yes” initially but now, it appears she is saying “no”. Relax, this is typical feminine behavior so it is up to you to overcome the initial resistance by being patient, polite and nice.

Bluff and counter-bluff

At one point in this interesting game, the woman you are trying to woo may go too far in the resistance game. She may want you to have the impression that her wish is your command but this may not be the case. She just wants to see how far she can go. In fact, she is testing you because she wants to see what you will take and what you will not condone. For instance, you always call her and she never calls you. Stop calling her and after a while, she will be the one doing the calling. This game is called bluff and counter-bluff and it is an interesting game.

Final word

As you can see, attracting women is not rocket science. It is an interesting process. It is a game as well and you should play this game by the rules. Learn how to attract women and the beautiful lady of your dreams will find you totally irresistible.

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